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Mobile Internet and Internet Supporting Services to Mass Individual Consumers

GOHIGH is qualified as nationwide ICP licensed by Ministry of Industry & Information Technology of People’s Republic of China (MIIT). With the leading advantages of Mobile Telecommunicaiton from Datang Group, GOHIGH strives to develop mobile application distribution business on the basis of its telecom value-added services. GOHIGH steadily builds up the platforms and channels to explore growth pole of premium businesses, with the result that GOHIGH has realized its market scope across the three main telecom carriers in China.


In industry development field, GOHIGH positively explores innovation and has made breakthroughs in business model transformation from conventional E-commerce to financial E-Commerce and light-logistics E-Commerce. GOHIGH is qualified with Certificate of Non-Financial Institution Payment Transactions licensed by the People’s Bank of China, as well as Digital Goods Transaction Exchange System with completely independent intellectual property rights. GOHIGH has consistently ranked in the forefront of the industry with its transaction scale in comprehensive card exchange.