Talent Development

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Talent Development

GOHIGH will provide with dedication and skill:

Job Training

Including new employee training, corporate culture training, professional technical training, hierarchical management training, etc.. GOHIGH also has e-learning training system, which is designed to create a network school and to help employees in continuous self-improvement.

Supervisor Management System

Supervisor Management System is designed to complete corporate succession and knowledge transfer mechanisms. It helps new employees to master the knowledge and skills for their jobs as quickly as possible and to guide their successful completion in taking up the job.

Compensation Benefit

GOHIGH’s Compensation Benefit system follows the principles of Fair, Just, Norms and Definite.

GOHIGH offers a comprehensive protection for employees’ lives and health.

GOHIGH is capable to provide Beijing Hukou accounts for fresh graduates who are from places outside Beijing; in addition, GOHIGH is capable to apply Talent Introduction, and to get Residence Permits for qualified employees so as to resolve the inconvenience of long-distance marriage.

Promotion Channel

GOHIGH has set up three HR management series in accordance with R&D, Sales and Management; there are different internal promotion channels in different series. Thus these provide a broad space for career growth of employees.