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As time flies and seasons cycle, GOHIGH has been listed in Shenzhen Stock Market for ten years.

Thanks to the guidance of Datang Telecom Group and the support from the society, GOHIGH has been committed to be the service provider of “Internet of Things and Converged Telecommunication Technologies & Products to Enterprise Informatization Oriented” and “Mobile Internet and Internet Supporting Services to Mass Individual Consumers” in China through generations of hard working.

In retrospect of the development of Reform & Opening-up and information technologies in China, from hardware & software RD to IT services then to Big Data, Saas, Internet of Things, Internet Plus, every generation of information technology revolution will greatly accelerate the growth in both economy and society. Thus it contributes to infinite possibilities for GOHIGH to upgrade and reform.

Therefore, with the principle of “Adjustment, Consolidation, Optimization & Enhancement”, GOHIGH strives for serving at the forefront of national strategies by following the situation and changing over times. According to its leading thought of “Operating Company by Law, Promoting Value, Optimizing Structure & Integrating Resource”, GOHIGH consistently deepens the ownership system reform to achieve further progress in operations based on stable development.

In future, GOHIGH will continuously exploit market segments on the basis of advanced technologies, mature solutions and ultimate services.

GOHIGH staff shall be devoted themselves to realizing another leap for the whole company with their enthusiasm, belief and intelligence. GOHIGH shall betake itself to be a high-tech state-owned key enterprise with “higher investment value and social value”, and shall contribute its share to promote the innovation-driven pattern for Chinese economy’s growth.

GOHIGH Data Networks Technology Co., Ltd.

                                                                                                                      Fu Jinglin (Board Chairman)