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GOHIGH Data Networks Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as GOHIGH) is a high-tech enterprise which has integrated data industry-related technologies, products and resources from Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group. GOHIGH has been listed on Shenzhen Stock Market in 2003 (Stock Code SZ. 000851), and it is one of the two listed domestic companies of Datang Group.

With the operation conception of "Good Faith, Service-Oriented, Bold Innovation & Pursuit of Super Excellence", and with its advantages in RD, system integration and marketing, GOHIGH is willing to cooperate will all parties to achieve better performance in value chain with sincere and opening attitude.

Now, GOHIGH has realized a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development in its three main business domains including “Enterprise Informatization”, “IT Distribution” and “Mobiel Internet Business”. By the end of year 2014, GOHIGH has achieved operating revenue 7.08 billion yuan, total assets 6.18 billion yuan and net asset 2.78 billion yuan.