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Talents Oriented--to help those who advance developing the company make fortune and make mutual development.

Employees are the real masters in a company. GOHIGH confirmed this principle from the perspective of the scientific development concept so as to keep a high-degree consistency and the same values & interest views between employees and the company in their mutual development. The economic strength and growth is the basis for common prosperity and common development; scientific and flexible allocation and incentives system assures common development. Employees and company complement each other and promote the overall performance both in the individual and the enterprise. 

Return of Investment—to maximize the profits for company shareholders

GOHIGH has a sound corporate governance structure. Shareholders' Meeting, Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors are in normal operation. GOHIGH has complete and sound internal management and controlling systems. The Information Disclosure is true, accurate, timely, complete and fair. GOHGH emphasizes comprehensive risk management so as to maximize the overall interests of the company and promote the growth of shareholders’ wealth.

Achievements Benefiting Employees—to protect the practical benefits of every employee.

GOHIGH has establishes a complete human resources management system, it has detailed stipulations in personnel recruitment selection, training and selection, compensation and benefits, performance appraisal, promotion and adjustment.  GOHIGH attaches importance to the protection of employees' rights. It has established a staff supervisor elective system and has set up a workers' congress. These systems provide reliable protection on matters related to the vital interests of the workers such as wages, welfare, labor safety, health, social insurance and so on.